Boats were made with bundles of tules, they often leaked but did not sink. Boats were used for transportation to trade with Indians from other villages. Photo: Bowers Museum Collection
Tule, which looks like tall grass, grows along swamps and lake shores. Tules were used for boats, houses and beds. Tule boats are used for hunting
and fishing. Tules are put in the sun to dry which makes them stronger. To make a boat, each tule stem is filled with air, caught in its pockets. The air in all of the tules makes the boat float. Photo: Bowers Museum Collection
Getting fish from the ocean. This Native Californian is searching for fish in a tide pool. He will use the doublepointed
harpoon to spear the fish. The harpoon shaft is made of wood and the points are made from animal bone.
He carries a net made of plant fibers. As he catches fish he will place them in the net. Southern California Indians
fished in rivers, lakes, and in the ocean. Fish was an important food.
Photo: Bowers Museum Collection